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    About usernames meta

Straight to the point: What do you think? Do you think each user should join Paperkast with their real name or people can choose whatever they want. My opinion is, for example, when one author post a paper, a real name under their post would be much better than the other option. Besides, I am thinking that people will want to own their comments as scientists.

I would love to hear your opinions on this subject.


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    I’d prefer to have the option to choose. I’ve been using my username for longer than I’ve been publishing under my real name and am rather attached to it.

    Perhaps the hats system could be repurposed for associating one’s pseudonymous account with their identity as an author?

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      Do you believe people will post anonymous papers here? I don’t think so. There’s already a way to mark yourself as the paper author, it should be enough for all cases. Besides, forcing people to use whatever naming convention is problematic, as people may have many (plausible) reasons to use a social name rather than a “real” name.

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        No, I am not talking about the anonymous posts. I am talking about the other side, if you will. Will people want to post their papers and comment to others with their names or social names? I don’t believe forcing anyone ti anything so that’s why I open this. I just wanted to hear your thoughts :)