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I realized this concept recently, it offers an interesting approach for cancer treatment strategies. Worth to dicuss!


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    A brief summary:

    In conventional cancer therapy, the main goal is to cure by killing as possible as tumor cells with maximum tolerable drug doses. In most cases, this approach causes a significant reduction in tumor size initially. However, after sometime, tumor become unresponsive to treatment and grow aggressively. This is because treatment killed the sensitive cells, and allow resistant ones (even if very few in numbers) to grow freely.

    Here, the authors claim that tumors can be kept under control by changing drug doses based on tumor size measuring. So, instead of killing all sensitive cells and give resistant ones a free place to grow, the main goal is to keep tumor size stable by allowing sensitive cells dominating small number of resistant cells. They generated a mathematical model using evolutionary kinetics to explain efficiency of this strategy, and also performed some elegant in vivo experiments to support their theory.