Paperkast is a link-aggregator website for academic article discussion.
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Paperkast is all about article sharing and discussion. It is a hub where all scientists from any discipline can come together and discuss a certain paper without anything on their way. Pure discussion.

Authors can share their own papers’ link and claim authorship of that specific paper. Tag system is constructed to put the papers in their correct discipline.

@Paperkast Twitter account sends each Paperkast link and original link of the paper that has reached to front page.


  • Story Previews: One-line summaries can be added to paper submission. Users can see these summaries by checking the box in settings.
  • Top Papers of the Past Week: Fairly straightforward.
  • Tags: These are different branches of science which is used to categorize a certain paper. This list will grow with the community as people need more subcategorization. Users can post their 'tag suggestions' undermeta tag.
  • Filters: Users can filter a specific tag from the website entirely. It will allow them to focus only a certain type of tag.
  • Search: People should search a certain paper's title, if they want to add the paper to the Paperkast. This is crucial to prevent the forming of duplicates of the papers. Admin and mods can always merge two paper link/discussion to one.
  • Authorship: Most important feature of the Paperkast. Twitter is a great source of publication sharing and getting feedbacks from the peers. However there is no central discussion since the discussion starts where the paper's link is shared. Paperkast is a central solution for this problem. Users are encouraged to share the links of their publication and they can specify that they're the corresponding/one of the authors of the paper.
  • Moderations: They are publicly available. Admin and moderator actions are open.
  • Hats: Users can request hats for their institutions. After the approval of an hat, they can post comments and messages with or without specifying hats. However, hats will be shown in their user page.
  • RSS: Feed can be used for all posts or posts per tag (i.e. /t/genetics.rss).


Other thanmeta tag, you can send an email to paperkastpost at for any inquiries. built on open source news aggregator system and this 'About' page is based on the original template.

August 2018, Vancouver